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The Villa for an Aviator Simulates Life in the Clouds

Flying an aircraft for a living can make you fall in love with open skys and empty spaces. Urban Office Architecture has designed what they are calling ‘A Villa for an Aviator’ for a

Rich Indians Have Started Buying Luxury Properties Internationally

India today has one of the fastest growing economies in the world despite a slowdown. The number of billionaires in India is increasing rapidly. They are obviously not looking for motorcycles for sale in

Room Dividers and Why Businesses Need Them

Noise is one of the leading causes of employee frustration, stress, and dissatisfaction. It can be contributed to two main factors, the first being that more companies have adopted a more open floor design.

The New Line of Cuff Jewelry is an Elegant Solution for Your Personal Security

The modern urban lifestyle needs you to look for personal security solutions. At the same time it is uncool to carry cumbersome devices. Deepa Sood who was earlier with Restoration Hardware heading their product

Experience Nature in Luxury and Style at The Ranch at Rock Creek

The hospitality industry always faces the challenge of keeping the luxury traveler interested by offering new experiences that can excite the well traveled affluent customer. The luxury properties around the world don’t excite them

Integrated Sound System of Tranquility Pod Vibrates With Music to Lull You to Sleep

It is said that you should be careful while choosing your shoes and bed as you are either in your shoes or in your bed. A good bed means a good night’s sleep which

Why Should One Focus on the New Projects in Delhi NCR

As the national Capital, Delhi has always been a fast changing real estate market. Just like most metros, Delhi too has long outgrown its borders and spread in all directions. This wider area is

Imported Car Insurance: What You Need To Know

Are you bringing your dream car to the UK or moving with your vehicle? If so, it’s important to remember that imported cars can be considerably more expensive to insure. If there are owners’

LU Murano Recreates a Glass Chandelier with Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is increasingly finding favor with designers. It is fast replacing iron and steel in high end cars and it has now successfully replaced glass in the form of a chandelier. The inherent

Must Visit Beach Destinations in Asia

There are dozens of great beach destinations around Asia, but few are finer than Krabi, Thailand. You will surely want to go on Krabi Holidays and see its amazing white sand beaches with beautiful
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