‘Resist Simple’ – Tanqueray Gin’s First Global Campaign

Tanqueray Gin is being marketed first time globally with this innovative and interesting campaign by Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam. The tagline of the surreal campaign ‘Resist Simple’ reveals that this gin brand is exotic beyond simple taste. The ad spot makes it clear that right from from ingredients, taste to the people who prefer this gin are above ordinary and simple.

The Paris spot is particularly interesting. It seems its shows a man meeting his ex-girl friend and group of people who roam around Paris but avoid the most well-known sights of Paris, namely, Eiffel Towers and Mona Lisa. The de tour from ordinary, known to unknown, exotic is quite interesting. As the brand director, Kate Price, puts it, “Resist Simple is about people who detour from the status quo, the predictable, the ordinary, going out of their way to experience a more animated, interesting life. This includes a refined approach to what to drink. Tanqueray, with its sophisticated, un-simple taste, is for people with a taste for life.”

The intriguing part is brand is clear about creating image about gin’s complex taste which only true connoisseurs will enjoy. The visuals are truly surreal. This one truly deserves cheers for not marketing for the masses!

Via MediaPost