‘Waterpod’ the Floating Eco-habitat for an Altogether Sustainable Community

Global warming is one among the most dreadful curses Earth is facing today. Now, the scientists have come to a conclusion that the future holds many more dark clouds like mass species extinctions, population explosion, resource scarcity and rising oceans, which we all have to live with. under these circumstances, a bunch of artists from New York have designed a floating eco-habitat called Waterpod in view of the supposed mass shifting towards a waterborne, nomadic existence.

The Waterpod imitates a triple-domed island occupying about 80 x 25 feet. Built out of recycled wood, metal, plastic, fabric and other materials straddling on an industrial barge, the structure boasts of umpteen eco-features like alternative energy, vertical agriculture, and food grown with purified water from the Hudson River, hybrid solar /wind system that would power the on-board machinery etc. Even though arrangement would at the start, function as a single inhabitat, the group plans turning it into a fully sustainable community with artistic activity.

This eco-habitat will set to sail from Newtown Creek between Brooklyn and Queens in May 2009 and will navigate along the East River to New York Harbor anchoring at several places in between. I find this idea quite fascinating, useful and eco-friendly! What about you?

Source: CleanTechnica