2011 Frankfurt Auto Show: Smart To Unveil An All New Electric Smart Car, The ForVision Electric Concept

One of the foremost companies at the very cutting edge of eco-friendly innovations, Smart, is now all set to make its impact at the upcoming and highly prestigious 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA 2011). Smart has announced that it will be showcasing an all new electric vehicle (EV) concept in the form of the ForVision Electric Concept. This rather ordinary looking vehicle has been designed and developed in collaboration with BASF, which is also known to be the world’s largest chemical company. Smart has conceived the remarkable ForVision Electric Concept in an effort to reduce energy consumption and the car itself has been given some extraordinary technological marvels. The roof of this highly innovative EV is comprised of organic photovoltaic solar cells that generate enough energy to power the car’s multimedia components as well as the climate control feature. Furthermore, to keep the body weight light so as to conserve energy, the ForVision has been given all-plastic wheels that are weight about 3kg less than the conventional rims.

Smart has gone all out with the ForVision Electric Concept and has focused greatly on reducing energy consumption as much as possible. One of the most astounding features of the ForVision Electric Concept is the use of ‘e-textile’ seat coverings. These incredible seats are designed from thin fabrics as well as heat-conductive coatings. Also, the ForVision also comes with high-performance insulting foams embedded in the doors that enable the vehicle to remain cool in summers and warm in winters.

Via Auto Blog