A Cool Wall-Mounted Home Bar Designed by Cactus Designers

If you have been dreaming of having a home bar but do not have enough space to spare for it in your home then consider this unique home bar designed by Cactus Designers. Marc Salagnac and Quentin Heuber are Lyon based French freelance designers who vouch for each other’s creativity and productivity. Their new home bar is very different from the traditional home bars where you have the counters built right on the floor.

This one is a wall-mounted home bar and hence, it saves a lot of your space. This is really cool as you can have it fixed anywhere in your home even if you do not have enough space for an actual home bar. The sleek feature of the cabinetry is interrupted only by the silver ice dispenser. A tray for mixing drinks is also suspended from the dispenser.

There is no information regarding its charges. I hope the designers do not charge a huge amount for this really nice and comfortable home bar. I would like to fix it just next to my backyard lawn so that I can enjoy a beautiful view from it.

Via: Core77\Coroflot\CactusDesigners