A fast and cheap solution to housing problems in Haiti

Michael Reynolds, architect, was convened by the United Nations (UN) to spearhead a project to build houses made from tires – which he said can easily be raised up to $ 50 and in just one day.
For this, the architect defends a fundraising campaign in the face of large organizations to get the minimum amount of raw material required to bring this project forward. His experience with recyclable materials in various communities around the world designed his credibility among the humanitarian organizations worldwide projection.

The houses will be constructed from metal domes covered up by large pieces of canvas then tire, or if no contingency planning after the project is very ambitious and therefore highly efficient – low cost and technology are two primary characteristics for the urgency of the problem. The negative points are to obtain and transport the tires of the same, Reynolds and therefore reinforce the need for storage.

Although not a definitive alternative, houses made of tires offer a choice of housing in regions heavily affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, like some housing developed in New Orleans (USA), immediately after the explosion of Hurricane Katrina.

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Via: WSJ.