A pen to help us deal with stress situations

If all gadgets be like this pen, the world would be less stressed (or not). Built by a student at the University of Technology Delft, the Netherlands, this pen makes writing more difficult if used aggressively. This supposedly makes the writer calmer. But only supposedly.

Miguel Bruns Alonso, his creator, devised the pen so that it detects motion rude and too fast, identified with the nervousness. So it puts up resistance to the use and movement, forcing the person who is writing to use quieter movements. Then, the pen also becomes easier to use.

That would reduce by 5% the rhythm of the heartbeat, according to their research. For him, this is one way to interpret the gadget as the user is feeling and help you relieve stress, tend to be followed in future.

Except that Alonso probably missed some details. Most people, when using a gadget that becomes more difficult to use, just when they are nervous, probably going to lose all patience. Just look at YouTube videos of people destroying computers when they give problems. And imagine if you were in that fateful moment to win a video game, and seeing your blood, control it more difficult to use?

As the pen is still a prototype and has to date hit the market, the inventor still has some time to think if his pen or stress will help even more people.

Via: Science Daily.