A Removable and Portable Kitchen Sink

Hughie from Australia has designed a biodegradable plastic kitchen sink that lets you reuse water. Most of the countries in the world suffer from severe water shortage and in such a case, using kitchen sinks that let us use water again are a blessing indeed. The Removable Kitchen Sink is a wonderful product that captures almost 80% of used water which would otherwise go down the sewer. This water could be used in the garden or even to wash your car.

This sink is green and lightweight and makes an excellent choice for those who are renovating their houses. You could use the sink to bathe your pets, watering the plants and many other things. In fact, you could carry the sink to wherever you go, on hiking, boating, camping etc. Only, it might get a little cumbersome to carry something a little large.

The Hughie Sink is an amazing product hat every eco conscious person must buy. The Hughie Sink costs $25 and is money well spent. The next time you are planning to buy something to save water, you know what you need to buy. Don’t you?

Via: Trendir/Hughie