A Straight Version of iPhone App Grindr: Will It Work?

Those who have an iPhone, and are queer would definitely know about Grindr, the revolutionary iPhone app that lets men meet other men in their vicinity, using GPS technology on their iPhones. It has almost led to a really easy way to meet other men looking for a quickie. You could be getting off a bus, and if you felt like getting cosy with another man, you would just need to login to Grindr and see who is next to you.

That guy in the blue jeans and white t shirt could be looking for a guy like you too! Now, Grindr has more than 700,000 users in hundreds of countries which is an evidence to the way gay men usually find their sexual partners. Grindr may now come with a heterosexual version of the app. This could revolutionize the way straight people meet each other for a shag.

However, the divide between men and women may make it slightly different if not difficult, for a straight Grindr app to take off. Of course, regardless of a person’s gender or orientation, everyone looks for promiscuous sex, but in the straight world, it just may be a little more complicated. Grindr may in fact help straight people to experience random, easy, and uninhibited sex just like gay men do, with or without an app like Grindr.

Via: Guardian