A walk across the border

Recently I took a leisure walk of few hours in another country without having to sign papers or security checks. We walked freely in to Phuntsillong, Bhutan from Jaigaon, India. Those few hours reinstated my belief that borders are no longer geographical but are essentially political.

Many a dreamers have dreamt about countries without borders (and conflicts). But increasingly geographic borders have become LoC, war zones, breeding ground of insurgents and rebels and political agendas.

Be it Kashmir or Georgia or any other conflict around the globe. The bone of contention is the same: demand for separate state, demand for redefined border or boundary, demand to have control over a piece of land. Political and extremists leaders seem to want new borders only to erect new barbed wire fences, to deploy more army and confine human movements. But path for true sustained peace between countries must lie in increased human exchange and mutual trust. History shows conflicts make way only for more conflicts.

Indo-Bhutan war has been relegated to history pages and what I saw and felt was mutual trust and friendship in the border-zone on either side. Military was present and watchful but not suspicious. I was surprised to see even currencies being exchanged freely. Maybe compulsions of politics, trade and economy have forced countries to have more open borders. But it definitely has brought in peace in the serene hills dotting Indo-Bhutan border.

As I walked away from border I had a new hope and dream that someday world will have freedom from all conflicts and there will be a new dawn of freedom and peace.