A Washing Machine That Doubles Up As A Video Game Console

“Laundry is fun.” That is probably one of the biggest oxymorons in the world of household chores. However, a new concept design seems ready to prove to the world that laundry is not all that bad. Lee Wei Chen, an MA design student from Kingston University has come up with a washing machine that promises to be a whole lot of fun.

Chen’s washing machine resembles, of all things, an arcade-style video game console. With its pop colors, the happy-looking washing machine is inviting. If you see it day after day, the cute novelty might wear itself out. But first-timers are sure to spot the humor in this cool concept creation.

The bottom half of the contraption holds the washing machine. The top half is the gaming section. Both sections are linked and the progress of the washing cycle depends on how well the user is playing the game. In case of a poor game, extra coins must be inserted to complete the washing cycle.

The idea for a contraption that combines the functionality of a washing machine and the fun factor of a video game console is unique. The 27-year-old Chen says that he came up with the idea when one day it dawned on him that his extensive video game skills were of little use in the real world. “I wanted to make them useful,” he says.

The concept is certainly unique and fun. But can Chen’s concept make the transition from being an amusement to being a fully functional addition to a working household? From 22-25 September, the video game washing machine is on display at Tent, the Truman Brewery, as part of the London Design Festival.

Via: Design Week