Absolut Masquerade: Strip Me!

Vodka can give you a high like no other and the word celebration may be synonymous with champagne, but we tend to surreptitiously slip in a bottle of Vodka into the celebrations for that perfectly pleasurable feeling.

The latest by Absolut Vodka is a jazzy gift-packed version, wickedly titled Absolut Masquerade. The bottle comes in a red-sequinned jacket with a zipper at the back that opens to reveal the label, “In an Absolut world, every night is a masquerade”. Absolute Masquerade is a limited edition that first hits the European clubs, especially London, where it is being promoted amongst the most chic clubbers. Turning the Maverik Showroom into The House of Masquerade curated by illustrater Daisy de Villeneuve, Absolut Masquerade is sharing the spotlight with de Villeneuve.

The House of Masquerade is open to the public during October 24 to 27, and is already making news as being a display of the best of the fashion runways. If you are heading over for some absolute fun, don’t forget to go incognito with your mask.

Via: Luxuo