ALICE: An All New Online Solution To All Grocery Woes

We all make a dash to the local shops and grocery stores for the minutest of our household needs and mostly at odd hours, when it’s near impossible to find what we are looking for. However, as of today, you can leave all those worries behind, with the launch of ‘‘. This one of a kind online store eliminates the need of retail outlets such as Wal-MArt or Target and connects with the consumers directly, thereby saving you time and money.

Alice was designed as a platform for consumers to get their basic daily groceries online, directly from the manufacturers without having to interact with third-party retail chains. Because of its growing popularity, Alice was able to gain $4 million in funding for further expansion. During a Live Support chat session with Alice Customer Support, I got to know that, as of now, its services are only available in the United States, but they are planning to launch in other regions as well in the near future.

The customers are required to create an online profile at Alice that helps it to know their needs and provide them with the relevant information at the right time. The profile starts off with the number of family members and with this information, Alice is able to track the user preferences, remind users via e-mail when their supplies might be running short and when they need to reorder. The commodities come in an “Alice” box and the bonus being that there are no additional shipping costs attached to the shipments.

Alice has over 6,000 products in its inventory, with a wide range of brands to choose from. For example, there are 86 different types of brands under the ‘bathroom paper’ category, that includes toilet paper, kleenex, cotton balls etc. Users also have the option of shopping for items based on their preferences of kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. or can also go to the ‘best buy’ section of the website.


Alice still has its share of competitors like Wal-Mart, Target and Still, Alice gives out some of the best services along with great price deals and that gives it a lot potential for growth and popularity.

Via TechCrunch

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