All New Box Shaped Furniture From Roland Landsberg

One of the most renowned interior designers, Roland Landsberg has introduced an new revolutionary furnishing concept, called Boxetti, that transforms a living room, office or any other part of your house with unique box shaped furniture. The all new Boxetti is essentially furniture in shape of boxes and be used extensively for bedrooms, sofas, televisions etc. The Boxetti series is available in Europe and the range begins from $8000.

One of the most breathtaking of the Boxetti series is the home theater system, that provides the consumers with an package that is intricately woven with state of the art technology, cutting edge designs and incredible style. The Boxetti Thrill is an all in one home theater system, that includes fold-out hi-fi speakers along with a lifting mechanism that brings the 46 inch flat screen LCD TV to the top and is also comprised of a Blu-Ray player.

Another incredible design for the house is the Boxetti Private, that redifines the way we look at bedrooms. This all new concept is based on the folding mechanism, where the double bed, a nightstand, and a wardrobe that not provides enough room for the bedroom accessories, but also serves a great space saving piece of furniture.

Via Yanko Design