Amtrak Now Offering Free Wifi To Northeast U.S Travelers

One of the biggest intercity passenger train in the United States, Amtrak, has now announced that the company has launched the much anticipated free wifi service aboard its fleet operating in the Northeast U.S. In the recent months, numerous commercial airliners have also been spreading the joy of free wireless Internet, to not only facilitate a more enjoyable travel experience, but also to attract flyers. The all new free wifi on board Amtrak is going to prove to be an added bonus for the travelers, as train journeys are usually more time consuming and rather boring in nature. Amtrak has made this service available across twelve Northeastern routes and the free wifi is available via AmtrakConnect service. As per the new service, all the passengers carrying wifi enabled mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, will now be able to access the Internet and conduct web browsing.

However, the AmtrakConnect services is said to work on a low bandwidth platform, hence the only possible online activity will be web browsing. The lack of high speed Internet will definitely disappoint many passengers, who will not be able to stream audio or watch online movies through services such as the likes of Netflix. This latest offering from Amtrak is being viewed as a customer attraction move and so far the service has been made available on the following routes, New York to Philadelphia-Harrisburg, Pa., New York to Rutland, Vt.,New York to Albany-Buffalo, New York to Charlotte, Boston to Portland, Washington to St. Albans, Vt. and Virginia to Boston. These routes will feature free wifi in all passenger cars.