Andrew Zo Designs Amazing Ring Cases for Those Who Are About to Get Married

If you are planning to get married anytime soon, you might wonder how you could possibly propose to your fiance/fiancee. All that you would need to do is, go ahead and grab a beautiful ring designed by a wonderful designer like Andrew Zo. He designs some of the coolest product and industrial designers. Of course, he may not design the actual ring, but he sure will design the case for you. The packaging of the ring is just as important as the ring is.

So, when you purchase his case, it would open up like a flower and your date would be impressed by you, and accept your proposal.

Ha! Do you actually believe what I wrote just now?

Well, any way it does look pretty cool, and you could try to buy it, if you are trying to propose to someone. Moreover, hasn’t the concept of proposing gone out of fashion already? Andrew Zo’s ring case is the size of a wallet and is named ‘Packed’ and makes for great presentation.

I am not really into stuff like this, but then some of our readers do find these things interesting. In their interest, I slog my butt hunting for stuff that might please them. Well, this one looks cool, and is cool too. However, I can’t stop laughing at the thought of some sod trying to ‘propose’ and ask for a marriage approval. It is all so passé and naive. I guess some people choose to remain that way. If you are one of those, buy it.

Via: The Fancy