Anti-child obesity campaign

Movera Institute of Community Actions in Brazil has come up with an excellent and sensitive ad campaign for childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a world-wide prevalent problem and it feels good to see organizations working seriously on the issue. It feels even better to see their thought-provoking ad campaigns. Few words and pictures can motivate and sensitize people more than hours of counseling. Only the suggestive helpline highlights the organization. Focus thus remains on the issues picked up the organization rather than the organization itself!

The campaign consists of series of simple drawings highlighting that obese children can never become part of sports teams. They will stand apart and carry the weight of loneliness all their lives. Obesity itself becomes a long-term handicap if not taken seriously. The drawings highlight the importance of physical and group activities to reduce weight. The words draw direct attention to the seriousness of the issue.

The concept and execution is simple and superb. This is intelligent advertising; no need of any glossy pictures of fat children or loud slogans!