Anti Shark Wetsuits Developed that Visually Confuse the Sharks

Sharks can be the biggest threat to deep sea divers and even snorkeling enthusiasts. It is best to take precaution against the deadly creatures than to risk an attack in the sea where the sharks have a definite advantage. Hamish Jolly and Craig Anderson are entrepreneurs who decided to do something about it and teamed up with the University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute. They took up the project to develop a wetsuit that could prevent the sharks from attacking humans. The team started their research based on scientific data about shark’s eyesight. They have finally come up with the world’s first design of a wetsuit that makes divers and surfers invisible to sharks.


The First Anti Shark Wetsuit is Called ‘Elude’

The entrepreneurs behind the development have institutionalized the project by founding the Shark Attack Mitigation Systems and the research and development is being done under it. The first of the anti shark wetsuits has been named ‘Elude’ and uses the fact that sharks are color blind to camouflage the wearer of the wetsuit. This design is aimed at the snorkelers and helps the wearer to hide in a water column because of Sharks’ perception of light and color. It works as an invisibility cloak as far as sharks are concerned. The development of the revolutionary wetsuit has taken over two years and has now gone on sale for AUS $429 which will be approximately $392.

Anti-Shark-Wetsuit Makes You Invisible to Sharks


The Wetsuits Available Online for AUS $429

The second suit has been named ‘Diverter’ and has also been developed to ward off potential shark attacks. It has also been developed to visually confuse the sharks. The materials and techniques used to make it naturally repel the sharks. Shaun Collin, a researcher at the University of Western Australia explains that the suit is covered in white and dark blue stripes which make the sharks feel that it is an unpalatable food item. After getting the wetsuits ready for use they were tested at the West Australia Coast which is known as ‘the deadliest coast in the world’. It records the largest number of shark attacks. The wetsuits have been made available online through the distributors Radiator. The suits have been priced at AUS $429.

Via: inhabitat