Apollo 11 Spacesuit Gets a Toughened Multi-Purpose Replica

The thought of a trip to the outer space itself is fascinating enough; this spacesuit will probably add excitement to it. Made out of the heavy weight Nylon Cordura, the Apollo 11 spacesuit replica is designed to resist wear and tear. Taking its design and molds from the authentic Apollo-era A7L garments it reminds you of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during their debut space voyage.

The suit features aluminum cuffs, neck ring and hose fittings, a stretchable cap with foam ear covers and an elastic chin strap, a helmet with an outer gold sun visor and two side sun shields, rubber tipped canvas gloves and a pair of space boots.

The spacesuit is not just a museum piece; it can help you fulfill your long cherished dream. Priced at just $9,500, this can be worn to a costume party as well. So, go get it to play your dream role.

Source: TheSpaceStore/ FashionablyGeek/ OhGizmo