Apple iCloud Now Available Online With The Introduction Of Beta Versions Of iWork & iPhoto

The highly anticipated cloud computing service, iCloud, from the world’s biggest technology firm, Apple Inc. has now gone live and will serve as a test bed for developers to try out Apple’s  solution to its disastrous MobileMe service. Since the launch of Apple iPad 2 earlier this year, users across the globe have been holding their breath for the emergence of iCloud, a cloud based ‘Sync’ service that will enable them to store their documents, files and media on cloud servers. The iCloud service essentially provides near real time inter connectivity between a host of devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Windows PC. As per the operational model of the new service, whenever you take a snap from your iPhone, it will be instantly uploaded to the servers, from where it can be accessed from an iPad or any other above mentioned devices. The web based iCloud website acts the center of your data storage and provides you with a host of other services including a calendar an address book, a mail web app, as well as Find My iPhone feature.

However, the data stored on iCloud can only be accessed via dedicated applications for the iOS devices and as of now you can’t view or edit your files from the website itself. Windows PC users can also gain complete access to the iCloud service via an all new service called, iCloud Control Panel for Windows, where in photo stream, contacts and calendars are currently supported for Windows. The iCloud is also compatible with the current iOS 5 Beta and enables the users to back up the images taken from their device’s camera, along with accounts, settings and documents. The remarkable iCloud service has been introduced as a free service with a 5GB storage limit, but if you wish to increase the storage capacity then you’ll have to shell out a minimum of $20 per year for 10GB and a maximum of $100 for 50 GB.