Apple iPad Applications Getting Costlier! Is It Worth Your Money?

Even before the Apple iPad saw the light of day, the Apple App Store was flooded with numerous applications for the device and the potential users scrambled for their wallets so that, they could buy these apps and store them in iTunes for the Apple iPad. However, one factor that went overlooked during the iPad buzz was the pricing structure for these applications.

When the iPhone was launched, the Apple App Store witnessed a surge of applications for the smart phone and the users weren’t as flamboyant as in the case of the iPhone. During that time, any user who went to the App Store, did a thorough research in the apps he was going to buy, even though the prices were rock bottom such as $0.99 apps, $1.99 apps etc. One of the most astounding points of the iPad saga being that, the same apps that were available for the iPhone at extremely low prices have now been doubled for the iPad. One reason could be that, the iPad apps require more development resources and especially in the cases of games, such apps require high end graphics and should be compatible with the iPad controls. However, as per reports, even the updated gaming titles for the iPad such as Real Racing HD, Minigore HD etc. that were once available for the iPhone at a price tag of $1.99 haven’t seen any significant improvements, that would warrant $4.99 for the iPad version.

The users shredding nearly $10 to $15 for an application or a game for iPad would most obviously be expecting something more intense and more captivating than just a few pixel tweaks. So far, none of the apps that have such huge price tags have been able to come up to the expectations of the users. If this trend continues, it would lead to a major fall in user confidence in Apple, as well as tremendous loss to both the developers and the Apple iPad as well.

Via Engadget

ipad apps price Apple iPad Applications Getting Costlier! Is It Worth Your Money?