Apple iPhone Hacker Finally Gets A Real Job


The Apple iPhone hacker, Ashley Towns, who had written the iPhone worm Ike has finally found himself a job in an Australian company that, ironically is the business of the developing applications for Apple iPhone.

Mr. Towns came attained notorious fame after he designed and spread around a worm that he developed specifically for the iPhone. The worm entered unsuspected users’ cell phones and then changed their existing wall papers with the image of Rick Astley, was who was a popular English singer in the 1980s. Although the worm was particularly harmless, apart from changing the wallpaper, there was another worm released by some unknown hacker that, actually affected consumers using the online services of ING bank.

The Australian firm, mogeneration that also covered the spread of Ike has the Ashley Towns onboard as an applications developer for the iPhone. The company has been in the Apple apps domain for some time and has produced some of the most popular titles such as Lingopal, Xumii, and the kid’s game Moo Shake!.

Hiring ex-hackers and malware coders to invest their time in something legitimate that also pays them as well is a pretty noble gesture as the new environment will provide these creative geniuses with the legal room to innovate, succeed and grow.