Apple Working On Watch Like Device to Complement or Replace Smartphone

Apple’s approach to developing new devices is trying out crazy stuff. That’s how iPad and iPhone was developed. The latest buzz in the industry is that they are in an advanced stage of developing a watch like device that would perform some functions of a smartphone. Investors are betting on an iWatch, a wearable computing device that could take the place of the smartphone over the next decade. Apple seems to be in the best position to make standout wearable computers as they seem to have the technology. There are several companies who have introduced or are working on wearable gadgets mostly focused on measuring physical activity. The next step will bring big technical challenges but it is the right time to explore large product categories beyond the smartphone and tablet.

The New Device is Expected to Function Closely With iPhone

Sources in the know claim that Apple has discussed such a device with its major manufacturing partner, Taiwan based Hon Hai Precision Industry which is also known as Foxconn. The Taiwan based company is already working on several technologies that would help develop a wearable device. Their focus is in making the displays more power efficient and stripping down their products with the help of chip manufacturers. However the company spokesperson refused to comment on the speculation. Apple has also not made any official announcements regarding their moves in this direction but analysts in this field are certain that Apple will release a device capable of multiple functions. It is highly likely that the new device will function closely with the iPhone.

Foldable Glass

Companies Need to Look Beyond Smartphone to Sustain Growth

The New York Times recently carried a detailed report about Apples efforts and experiments with a wristwatch-like device. In the recent years they have hired several employees specializing in sensors and related technologies. Microsoft had unveiled their ‘Smart Personal Objects Technology, SPOT’ at the CES in Las Vegas way back in 2003. The technology was adapted by several watch makers but gave it up as it did not have the desired impact on the market. But the situation has changed in the last decade. The smartphone market is fast maturing in advanced markets like US and Europe and companies in the field need to go beyond the smartphone in order to sustain their growth. The experimental products so far aren’t useful enough to appeal to mainstream users but we are sure to see more devices that are worn on the wrist or are worn like glasses and are capable of gathering various kinds of information. The time has come to think beyond smartphones.