Bamford Watch Department Teams Up with Dr. Romanelli to Launch Rolex Milgauss

Bamford Watch Department is known for their amazing watches and the way they create new timepieces every other time. Watches in fact have a thing to do with the mind of the buyer. Each watch represents a sort of schema of the buyer which tells you what the buyer is all about, and what his or her personality is. One could easily interpret a person’s basic behaviour styles when we look at his or her watch preferences.

Bamford Watch Department has now teamed up with fashion engineer Dr. Romanelli. They have announced that they would be launching the Rolex Milgauss which would come with black polish. Thanks to the extensive cut-and-sew methods of Romanelli one could expect the watch to be incredibly original and unique. At the moment, only this information is available. The company would unveil and release more information with the passage of time. There is also no information about the price or the release date.

All that we could do at the moment is wait and watch. A person who would wear this watch would surely like things that are on the darker side, and also things that are stylish, chic and glamorous. So if you belong to this class of people, you might want to buy this watch for yourself. Of course, it is not necessary that every watch has to be an extension of your personality. That is rather lame to expect and to assume. So go ahead, and try to get it when it is launched.

Via: Hype Beast