Beagle Scarf Hoodies Designed For Autistic Children

In the world of fashion where everything is designed merely to shock, sigh, or have people’s eyes light up with the amount of bling on the clothes, it is a pleasant change to see something that is as fashionable, practical and made with the intention of being more than just a garment.

Designed by Leo Chao, the Beagle Scarf Hoodie is a hooded scarf shaped like beagle ears. Worn either like a scarf wrapped around the neck or zipped up like a sleeves jacket, the scarf. The scarf was designed purely with autistic children in mind. Research has shown that animal therapy and music therapy greatly minimises the panic and reclusive nature experienced by autistic children. This information was kept in mind in designing the scarf which comes with speakers in the area of the ear within the hoodie. The textured pockets of the hoodie also offer the option of attaching customised aroma patches.

It is relieving to know that at least a few designers keep in mind that not everyone enjoys the bling blings made fashionable today. Even though hoodies and caps aren’t a favourite with autistic children, the fact that the Beagle scarf-hoodie offers music may be a comforting choice for them.beagle_2

Via: YankoDesign