Best 12 iPad 2 Accessories for a Apple Fanboy

On March 11th 2011, the world had a reality check with what had been one of the biggest rumors in the world of technology for the year 2010. This date went down in history as the momentous occasion when, Apple Inc. CEO, Steve Jobs, officially launched the next generation of the world’s most cherished tablet device, the Apple iPad 2. After nearly an year of R&D and intensive testing, the successor to the widely acclaimed Apple iPad made its debut in the international markets and was immediately coined as the best tablet available, effectively neutralizing the competition. As the news of the iPad 2 launch spread, Apple App Store immediately began flooding with a plethora of application specifically for this device.

However, what caught the eye of the bloggers, industry experts and especially the iPad 2 owners, was the extremely long and vibrant list of iPad 2 accessories developed for the tablet. In some instances  these unique and incredible products turned out to be more popular than iPad 2 itself and soon online as well as offline retailers began advertising more and more products such as the likes of iPad docks, iPad cases etc. in an effort to make the iPad 2 a legend rather than just an . In our search for some of the best and most efficient accessories for your beloved iPad 2, we have compiled a list of some of the coolest ones that took our breath away, not only with their looks but also with their features.

1)  Apple Digital AV Adapter For iPad 2:

While the 9.7 inch display of the iPad 2 is a thrill in itself, yet when it comes to high definition video, images and games, watching them on HD TVs and displays is an altogether phenomenal experience. For all you Apple iPad 2 owners, a piece of good news, Apple Inc. has now come out with a nifty device called, Apple Digital AV Adapter that lets you display a mirror copy of your iPad 2’s screen on to your HDTV. Get ready for an immersive and engaging iPad 2 experience while enjoying it with your family and friends. The Apple Digital AV Adapter can even be used to charge your device while it’s been paired with the HDTV or HD display.

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Price: $39.00

2) Kit In-Car Charger for Apple iPad / iPad 2 (Black):

One of the most alluring factors of the all new Apple iPad 2 and its predecessor, the iPad has been the freedom of mobility that these device bring with their 3G and Wifi connectivity. However, when operating on these networks, the strain of the devices’ battery seems quite evident as it turns to run out faster and can at times shut the device, leaving you in the middle of your work. This is where the Kit In-Car Charger for Apple iPad / iPad 2 comes as a life saver, as this nifty little device has been designed to deliver electrical juice to the iDevice battery via the car you drive. Featuring intelligent electronics for optimum charging and curly cable for enhanced reach, this all new product is a must have all iPad owners who are mostly on the go.

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Discounted Price: $3.28

3)  Apple iPad 2 Dock:

Unlike any previous Apple product, the all new iPad 2 witnessed a surge of iPad 2 accessories that have been designed to make this sensational tablet all the more enticing. Apple Inc. has now released an all new product for the iPad 2 in the form of Apple iPad 2 Dock that can only charge your device, but can even be used to pair the table with a HDTV using the Apple Digital AV Adapter as well as the iPad Camera Connection Kit. This incredible accessory gives the users the perfect angle to view their iPad 2 in the portrait mode.

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Price: $29.00

4)  Apple iPad & iPad 2 SYNC & Charge Dock Stand + Anti Dust Stylus Pen:

Highlighting the versatility of the world’s most cherished tablet device, Apple iPad 2, is the Apple iPad & iPad 2 SYNC & Charge Dock Stand + Anti Dust Stylus Pen, a phenomenal iPad accessory set that is inclusive of an iPad & iPad 2 2 dock as well as an anti-dust stylus pen for even smoother usage. The dock for the iPad series serves multiple purposes, as this device can be used to sync your iPad with a PC/Mac via a USB cable, while also being used a stand for easy writing tasks as well as for multimedia purposes. Also, the Apple iPad & iPad 2 SYNC & Charge Dock Stand + Anti Dust Stylus Pen can charge the iPad while the device is docked in and the dock itself can be attached to a compatible TV or video projector via iPad Dock Connector or a composite AV cable.

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Price: $21.49

5) ZAGG Logitech Keyboard Case For iPad 2 (Silver):

Designed to bring out the best of efficiency from your iPad 2, while exuberating a sense of immense class is the all new Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 from world renowned electronics accessories manufacturer, ZAGG. This incredible new iPad 2 case provides you with the freedom to view your tablet in a landscape mode, perfect for writing notes, emails, photos and videos. However, the most striking feature of the all new Zagg Logitech Keyboard Case is the embedded Bluetooth keyboard that can be paired with the iPad 2, for fast and accurate typing. This marvelous accessory has been fashioned from Aircraft-grade aluminum and features dedicated keys for music control, volume control, slideshow, home, search, etc.

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Price: $99.00

6) Targus Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Apple iPad:

Bringing the famed Apple iPad (1st generation) into spotlight once again is the all new Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard from the pioneer of mobile computing and accessories, Targus. This stylish and ergonomic wireless keyboard works via Bluetooth connectivity and boasts of 7 months of battery life, while providing the elusive speed and accuracy in typing that many of the other wireless keyboards lack.

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Discounted Price: $55.22

7) Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard:

Yet another marvelous iDevice accessory for the iPad and iPhone is the all new Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard from Verbatim. Based on the popular Bluettoh technology, this nifty little keyboard serves as the perfect accessory for the iPad or iPhone and provides the users with dedicated media keys as well an ergonomics design for efficient and comfortable typing. The Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard from Verbatim has been designed keeping portability in mind and thus the keyboard itself can be folded neatly and kept inside its case that comes included in the package. Verbatim also offers an iPhone stand  with the package that enables your smartphone to be perfectly still and in an optimum position for viewing and typing purposes.

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Price: $104.00

Discounted Price: $61.73

8) Belkin FlipBlade Adjust For iPad 2:

When it comes tablets and their impact on our daily lives, Apple iPad 2 stands out as the most prominent device that is all about efficiency and comfort. California based Belkin has now come out with a simple, elegant yet extremely useful accessory for the iPad 2 in the form of the all new Belkin FlipBlade Adjust that has been designed and developed to provide the consumers with the best possible iPad 2 experience. This incredible new adjustable stand keeps the tablet in the most optimum viewing angle, either in the portrait or landscape mode by offering four adjustable positions. These varied positions aid the users in a variety of tasks such as typing, viewing photos as well as watching videos on their iPad 2.

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Price: $29.99

9) Hard Candy Cases iPad Stylus:

Adding enhanced performance to an already efficient Apple iPad 2 is the all new Hard Candy Cases iPad Stylus that has been designed in the shape of a pen and can be used as a stylus as well as a conventional pen. This incredible new stylus features a silk tipped capacitive point and comes in a gorgeous chrome finished body  Compatible with iPad 2 & 1, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch, this awesome iDevice accessory also carries a refill cabin that can be filled with ink for its pen function.

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Price: $34.95

10)  Targus Protective TPU Skin for iPad 2:

Though the iPad 2 is one of the most enticing of all mobile devices, yet it’s a well now  fact that this incredible tablet is also extremely fragile due to its intense slim design. The reputed accessories manufacturer for mobile devices, Targus, has now introduced the all new Targus Protective TPU Skin for iPad 2 that has been designed and developed to keep your favorite tablet safe, without being a hindrance to its functions. This slip on cover protects the front and back of the iPad 2 from bumps and scratches and the cover itself comes with precise cutouts that provide the users with unrestricted access to the device’s physical buttons. The Protective TPU Skin for iPad 2 is made from durable TPU material and is available in elegant opaque frost color.

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Price: $24.99

Discounted Price: $22.99

11)  Scosche privaSEE Screen Protector for iPad 2:

Sitting at a public space, chatting with your special someone on your beloved iPad 2, but wishing that you could somehow hide your conversation from prying eyes? Well, then the all new privaSEE Screen Protector for iPad 2 from Scosche is the choice for you. This incredible new screen protector not only keeps the screen of the iPad 2 safe from dust and scratches, but also provides much wanted privacy by ensuring that the screen’s content is visible only to the user and no one else. The privaSEE Screen Protector for iPad 2 employs a unique polarized film thereby giving out the effect of a blank screen when viewed from any other angle than up front.

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Price: $49.99

Discounted Price: $33.22

12)  JAM By Apogee:

One of the leading names in digital audio hardware, Apogee Electronics Corporation has now brought the world of rock ‘n’ roll to the magnificent world of Apple iPad 2, as the company has now introduced an all new product in the form of JAM. This incredible new system will enables musicians, artists and just about any iPad 2 users with an electric guitar or a bass guitar to connect their instruments directly to an iPad, iPhone or Mac. JAM is plug and play device that can be paired with the GarageBand  application for the iPad 2 and the users can then record their guitar skills on their favorite tablet.

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