Best Blogs of 2008

And the countdown begins with around three-plus weeks left for us to welcome 2009. But does it mean we must engage ourselves forming our 2009 resolutions, scheduling venue for an overnight New Year party by overlooking what year 2008 has given us. A BIG “NO”!

More than celebrating our expectations from year 2009, today we cherish the memories of running year and hence have projected a series—Best Blogs of 2008 (beginning today) to pay tribute to worthy names of blogosphere. TrendsUpdates is a newbie, nurtured by a team of efficient and veteran bloggers. The team invested past one-month selecting the best of the lot amongst the diverse nature of categories appended below.

1) 2008: Best of Advertisng blogs
2) 2008: Best of Technology blogs
3) 2008: Best of Gadget Blogs
4) 2008: Best of Cool Blogs
5) 2008: Best of Design Blogs
6) 2008: Best of Environment/Green Blogs
7) 2008: Best of Ifs and Buts Blogs
8) 2008: Best of Luxury blogs
9) 2008: Best of Trendy Blogs
10) 2008: Best of Weird and wonderful

This is our schedule for next 10 days but we have reserved our calendars’ until 31 Dec 2008 to feed our readers with exclusive well-researched posts, one each-day.

With pool of blogs floating around, possibility is we must have miss a commendable entry/blog but truly speaking the presence of blogs here is governed by our stay here in online industry for past six-years and not to forget their well-achieved Technorati, Alexa and Google ranking. We do invite your daily-reads missing in our posts via comments and assure the deserving candidates would find their presence here as we plan to produce a round-up post by the end of year.

Stay right there to as the good-day has begun and we hereby invite the honest appreciation or deserving criticism of our dear readers. So don’t hesitate to let us know if we can do better in our value-additions and how.

More later……