Best of 2008: Top 14 Luxury Blogs

“The Blogging Iceberg,” floats on a waterline bordered by luxury readers. This is one of the vital reasons that this post stands today. Special thanks to all authors or publishers cum bloggers for doing justice to their respective luxury space, building a pool of subscribers and savvy readers. This has not only formed strong grounds for them in the field of new media but also questioned the coverage of mainstream media for ignoring such a respected beat, which has a target audience of its own.

Handpicking 14 luxury blogs (residing here) wasn’t an easy task but literally they deserve to be a part of “Best of 2008: Top 14 luxury blogs.”

1) Blog: Luxist


Tagline: A packaged luxury kit

Courtesy: Deidre Woollard

Alexa: 18077 Technorati: 965 Google: 7

“Where luxury rules.”

2) Blog: BornRich


Tagline: Cruise to the luxury lifestyle

Courtesy: Nandini Maheshwari

Alexa: 43839 Technorati: 2431 Google: 5

“Help you spend all your hard-earned money on the snootiest thingmazig around.”

3) Blog: LuxuryLaunches


Tagline: Everything that screams luxury

Courtesy: Team

Alexa: 67621 Technorati: 7795 Google: 3

“Capturing luxury lifestyle, technology, interiors and travel.”

4) Blog: Luxury Insider

Tagline: Essential guide for the modern connoisseur

Courtesy: Team

Alexa: 73132 Technorati: NA Google: 4

“The online luxury magazine-trusted luxury news and daily news updates that enables greater insights into the often-esoteric world of high-end luxury.”

5) Blog: EliteChoice


Tagline: Best of the breed: Luxury gadgets, fashion and technology

Courtesy: Zola Marquis, Editor

Alexa: 74580 Technorati: 18352 Google: 3

“Welcome to the Elite World that has with time become a source of inspiration for industry professionals, savvy bloggers, dedicated readers and gluttonously nosy.”

6) Blog: Sybarites


Tagline: For those who appreciate the finer things in life

Courtesy: Team

Alexa: 125410 Technorati: 23109 Google: 4

“The word is derived from the Greek settlement of Sybaris, located in Southern Italy, where its inhabitants were renowned for their devotion to luxury.”

7) Blog: Embelezzia


Tagline: A weblog collective-oriented business, dedicated to the world of luxury and lifestyle

Courtesy: Weblogs SL

Alexa: 144538 Technorati: 42637 Google: 5

“Owned by Weblogs SL, Embelezzia is an exceptional product, something really beautiful, the best brands and services. It is written by some of the most prominent bloggers gender in Spanish.”

8) Blog: Deluxe Blog

Deluxe Blog

Tagline: Luxury with a style


Alexa: 76202 Technorati: 67749 Google: 5

“A magazine where to find all the news and “crazy” world of luxury: curiosity about boats, houses, jewelry, accessories, in short, all those Italian and foreign news “that reflect” and that can leave to mouth open.”

9) Blog: Pricy Spicy

Pricy Spicy

Tagline: Most expensive luxury goods digest

Courtesy: Team

Alexa: 630570 Technorati: 181634 Google: 0

“The luxury guide to all precious things that can do justice to elite class”

10) Blog: JustLuxe


Tagline: Lifestyle reviews, luxury products and services, healthy lifestyle

Courtesy: Team

Alexa: 16525 Technorati: 16525 Google: 4

“Providing content and insight into 40 categories that includes luxury travel, Yacht and Aircraft charter services, vacation real estate, fashion trends to name a few.”

11) Blog: Lussorian


Tagline: Luxury lifestyle resource

Courtesy: Orbital Media Network

Alexa: 483226 Technorati: 483226 Google: 3

“A unique resource focusing entirely on the most luxurious private residences and accessories on the planet.”

12) Blog: Luxus


Tagline: A luxurious heaven for all kingly stuff

Courtesy: Team

Alexa: 1444636 Technorati: 458241 Google: 4

“Luxus is a space of exchange and dialogue dedicated to the beautiful and good products, on which you are invited to express via the comments.”

13) Blog: LuxuryReviewer


Tagline: Luxury reviews, ultra luxury and life in excess

Courtesy: Jeremy Gutsche

Alexa: 707769 Technorati: 773845 Google: 4

“A digest of Luxury Reviews, Ultra Luxury, and Life in Excess discovered by our global network of trend hunters.”

14) Blog: JanusThinking


Tagline: Unique insight into how consumers interpret luxury

Courtesy: Isaac Mostovicz, Founder

Alexa: 1563128 Technorati: 873008 Google: 4

“It enables brand owners to personalize luxury for every customer by creating luxury experiences that address hidden needs.”

Kudos to the efforts made by creative minds and internet mammals behind these blogs. And dear readers don’t forget to pen down your daily-reads as tomorrow we plan to feature Best of Technology blogs.

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