Best of 2008: Top 25 Design & Architecture Blogs

Yesterday, the mention of top 23 advertising blogs invited such a positive response from our savvy readers and co-bloggers that my inbox is still receiving thankful mails from the ones featured there along with the mammals of blogging eco system shooting their nominations for upcoming categories. And thus, stands today this “Top 25 Design & Architecture Blogs” list appreciating the efforts made my talented faces behind these blogs.

Design and architecture are two adjacent walls of the blogging garret, where we are not only blessed with the writers having a bent towards it but also readers cum customers who make the best of products posted here. Go ahead and enjoy the ride on this designer road, furnished with creative architecture that adds to its beauty.

1) Blog: Design to Inspire

Tagline: An Australian and Canadian trying to inspire the world one room at a time
Courtesy: “Midcenturyjo and Kim”

2) Blog: Mocoloco

Tagline: The modern and contemporary design blog
Courtesy: Harry Wakefield, Publisher & Editor

“MoCo Loco is your source for modern & contemporary design news and views.”

3) Blog: Notcot

Tagline: Ideas + Aesthetics + Amusement
Courtesy: Jean Aw and Daniel Frysinger, Founders

“The editorial face of NOTCOT, offering in-depth features on products, artists, technology, innovation, and up-and-coming trends”

4) Blog: Design Spotter

Tagline: Modern and contemporary design magazine
Courtesy: Markus Gogolin and Ioanna Paraskeva.

“Online magazine featuring everything from accessoires, books, design-contests, exhibitions, fashion, furniture, hotels, lighting, new materials, residential architecture, interior design and prototypes.”

5) Blog: Materialicious

Tagline: Just another shelter blog
Courtesy: Justin Anthony, Owner & Editor

“Materialicious™ is a weblog featuring residential architecture and design. You know what that means: eye candy, pure and simple.”

6) Blog: Truc Design

Tagline: “Design at Par”
Courtesy: Gilles

7) Blog: DesignPumpa

Tagline: Designer’s Den
Courtesy: Team

“An umbrella shop for design enthusiasts and creative lot.”

8 ) Blog: Apartment Therapy

Tagline: Saving the world, one room at a time
Courtesy: Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Co-Founder/NY Editor

“Helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.”

9) Blog: Design TV

Tagline: Insights on issues that may influence the design or help to “understand” better
Courtesy: Treviso Technology,

“A portal dedicated collecting ideas, suggestions and encouragement from the vast world of design (industrial design, graphic design, fashion), with particular attention to what affects companies in the Northeast and sectors that are more rooted territory, but without asking boundaries or “poles”

10) Blog: Cubeme

Tagline: Modern living, architecture, design and technology
Courtesy: Team

“CubeMe is a web magazine with your daily update on ideas and products in the intersection of architecture, art, design, culture and technology, and features weekly videos.”

11) Blog: Design East

Tagline: Design in Central and Eastern Europe
Courtesy: Martin Zampach, Founder

“It is everyday hunting for the news and searching for interesting things across cover Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland and Russia, a bit from Hungary, part of Austria, Baltic states, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia.”

12) Blog: Designer Milk

Tagline: a blog dedicated to art & design
Courtesy: Jaime, editor and founder

“We don’t sell but inform”

13) Blog: DesignBlog

Tagline: The Designer hub

“Designerblog born in July 2005 throughout the network to provide updated information to fans, using the simplicity and freshness that only a blog platform can provide.”

14) Blog: Dezeen

Tagline: Architecture and Design Magazine
Courtesy: Marcus Fairs, Editor

“Launched at the end of November 2006, it has grown rapidly to become one of the most popular and influential architecture and design blogs on the internet.”

15) Blog: Design Obsession

Tagline: “We heart design”
Courtesy: Team

16) Blog: Design Sponge Online

Tagline: Budget friendly, gift guides
Courtesy: Grace Bonney, Editor

“A daily website dedicated to home, product design and features store and product reviews, sale and contest announcements, new designer profiles, trend forecasting and store/studio tours”

17) Blog: Design Observer

Tagline: Writings on design and culture
Courtesy: Michael Bierut, William Drenttel and Jessica Helfand

“Founded in October 2003, it has been bagged as one of the best blogs by The Wall Street Journal.”

18) Blog: LeBlogDeco

Tagline: For people with designer taste
Courtesy: Manuel Gaudichon

“This interactive space will also be a source of inspiration where you draw ideas for decorating your home or office.”

19) Blog: Designllama

Tagline: “With due respect to design”
Courtesy: Bnko

20) Blog: Design Buzz

Tagline: Blog about design and decoration

“A blog for information on the topic el’Arredamento Design, founded by a group of enthusiast.”
Email: [email protected]

21)Blog: Design Addict

Tagline: Where design addiction is a benediction
Courtesy: Patrick Everaert and Alix Everaert

“Top-notch resources related to modern and postmodern design, with designer and manufacturer index, virtual exhibitions, interviews with designers, collector forums, news and an events calendar.”

22) Blog: The Designer Magazine

Tagline: Inspiring professionals who work with interiors
Courtesy: Martin Allen Smith, Editor

“A unique online service dedicated to inspiring professionals who work with kitchens and bathrooms in the UK and across the globe”

23) Blog: WebUrbanist

Tagline: From urban design to subversive art and strange architecture
Courtesy: Team

“We scour the net to find neat new stuff to pack it into an article with relevant images and links, as exhaustive as we can manage within a single subject area. Our team is comprised of web designers, bloggers, architects and other curious urbanists.”

24) Blog: Bldg Blog

Tagline: Architectural conjecture, urban speculation, landscape futures
Courtesy: Team

25) Blog: Unplggd

Tagline: Smarter homes, fewer wires
Courtesy: Gregory Han, Managing Editor

“Helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.”

Live long the authors, contributors and readers of these blogs so that newbies have a great community of blogs to take inspiration from.
Do check our another set of exclusive series at Best of 2008. Any questions or queries can be raised at infoATtrendsupdatesDOTcom