Best of 2008: Top 25 Technology Blogs

And here stands our compilation of Top 25 Technology Blogs doing justice to the tech-needs of the common man. Had they not been there, it would have been a demanding task to get oneself updated with the emerging development s in the technology industry. We wish good luck to all of them for performing so well and giving us the opportunity to be spotted here.

1) Blog: CraveCNet

Tagline: The Gadget Blog

Courtesy: Scott Ard and Dan Farber, editors-in-chief


Alexa: 159 Technorati: 936 GoogleRank: 8

“Crave is our blog about gorgeous gadgets and other crushworthy stuff.”

Blog: [email protected]

Tagline: Dedicated to helping businesses make the most of technology

Courtesy: Team


Alexa: 2581 Technorati: 28,502 GoogleRank: 3

“We focus on the newest tools and techniques businesses can use to stay competitive.”

Blog: Techcrunch

Tagline: Technology game

Courtesy: Heather Harde, CEO; Michael Arrington, Founder and Co-Editor; Erick Schonfeld, Co-Editor


Alexa: 3828 Technorati: 2 GoogleRank: 8

“Founded on June 11, 2005, it is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies.”

Blog: Ars Technica

Tagline: The art of technology

Courtesy: Team
Alexa: 7598 Technorati: 3 GoogleRank: 7

“Technology is the “art” at the forefront of our changing world, and we’re here to help it all, even the difficult judgments.”

Blog: News Scientist

Tagline: Science news and science jobs from New Scientist

Courtesy: Team


Alexa: 7757 Technorati: NA GoogleRank: 8

“Launched online in 1995, the brand’s mission is no different today – for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavor set in the context of society and culture.”

Blog: RadarOreilly

Tagline: Insight, analysis and research about emerging technologies



Alexa: 11,994 Technorati: 323 GoogleRank: 7

“A big part of our business is paying attention to what’s new and interesting in the world of technology.”

Blog: TechFresh

Tagline: We collect news on the hottest electronic gadgets from around the web for you

Courtesy: Team


Alexa: 15285 Technorati: 8630 GoogleRank: 3

“A blog dedicated to the hottest consumer electronics, electronic gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge technology.”

Blog: TecheBlog

Tagline: Latest tech and gadget news

Courtesy: Team


Alexa: 16205 Technorati: 2127 GoogleRank: 3

“Exploring the tech side of internet.”

9) Blog: Digital Inspiration

Tagline: Software tips and Internet technology blogs

Courtesy: Amit Agarwal


Alexa: 17229 Technorati: 254 GoogleRank: 4

“The purpose of this site is to help you take maximum advantage of the software tools and web technologies at your disposal so that you spend more time doing things your really love”

Blog: Slippery Brick

Tagline: Prolly the awesomest tech site

Courtesy: Darrin Olson, Editor


Alexa: 18945 Technorati: 3227 GoogleRank: 5

“We have an obsessive passion for emerging consumer based technology, gadgets and related sciences and our staff of editors have years of experience, knowledge and most importantly a high interest in these technologies.”

Blog: Gizmag

Tagline: Emerging technology magazine

Courtesy: Mike Hanlon, Publisher & Editor


Alexa: 20469 Technorati: 2729 GoogleRank: 6

“A web site covering invention, innovation and emerging technologies.”

Blog: Crunch Gear

Tagline: A geeky den

Courtesy: John Biggs, Editor-in-Chief


Alexa: 21074 Technorati: 44 GoogleRank: 7

“A blog covering gadgets, gear and computer hardware. It is a part of Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch Network.”

Blog: PhysOrg

Tagline: Science, physics, tech, Nano–News



Alexa: 22580 Technorati: 618 GoogleRank: 7

“Everything from science news, technology, physics, Nanotechnology, Space stations, Earth Science to Medicine.”

Blog: Valley Mag

Tagline: Silicon Valley’s tech gossip rag

Courtesy: Owen Thomas, managing editor


Alexa: 26199 Technorati: 40 GoogleRank: 7

“Published by Gawker Media, it has adopted a new, condensed format, making the page faster to load and headlines easier to scan.”

15)Blog: TechRadar

Tagline: Deep into technology

Courtesy: Nick Merritt, editor-in-chief


Alexa: 31,996 Technorati: 305 GoogleRank: 6

“We love tech. We’re geeks about this stuff. And we’ll tell you what we think, as geeks, without fear or favour.”

16) Blog: Venture Beat

Tagline: Unveiling the tech side of ventures

Courtesy: Matt Marshall, Founder


Alexa: 37,661 Technorati: 49 GoogleRank: 7

VentureBeat will focus initially on Silicon Valley, and gradually expand to cover innovation hubs around the globe. Its mission in each region will be the same: to provide insider news and data about the entrepreneurial and venture community that is useful to decision makers

Blog: Redferret

Tagline: Gadgets, cool sites, tech news and trivia

Courtesy: Nigel Powell


Alexa: 40004 Technorati: 4844 GoogleRank: 6

“A place to read about important, unusual or downright bizarre technologies, products and events from around the world and beyond.”

Blog: Dvice

Tagline: Tech is our obsession

Courtesy: Team


Alexa: 41977 Technorati: 274 GoogleRank: 6

“We’re always looking for cool toys, tech scoops and great design, and we’d love to hear what you’ve found.”

Blog: Gadgetell

Tagline: A part of the Dabbledoo Media network, Gadgetell features tech news, reviews and interesting things

Courtesy: Adam Berger


Alexa: 42896 Technorati: 9961 GoogleRank: 5

“Gadgetell offers consumer electronics news with personality and analysis.”

20) Blog: GajIT

Tagline: UK gadget and tech news, reviews and shopping

Courtesy: Gaj and GadgetGirl, editor and staff writer


Alexa: 157519 Technorati: 67,549 GoogleRank: 4

“Our love of gadgets is why we set up, to give people like us who are mad about gadgets and technology a chance to stay up to date about the latest news, reviews and How-to’s.”

Blog: Science Blog

Tagline: Science news straight from the source



Alexa: 64912 Technorati: 3548 GoogleRank: 6

“Scientifically correct.”

22) Blog: JKOnTheRun

Tagline: Providing usable information about mobile technology

Courtesy: James Kendrick, founding editor, editor-in-chief and Kevin C. Tofel, managing editor


Alexa: 159406 Technorati: 45503 GoogleRank: 6

“The site invites audience of readers interested in the latest news and reviews of mobile technology hardware and software.”

Blog: RFID Weblog

Tagline: The tiny technology

Courtesy: Gautam Chabra


Alexa: 543377 Technorati: 46101 GoogleRank: 6

“Implementation and application of RFID technology –rfid, scm, chips, radio frequency, implants.”

Blog: WhatsNewNow

Tagline: What’s New Now highlights the most interesting, relevant, and revelatory items from the world of tech

Courtesy: Team


Alexa: 1130948 Technorati: NA GoogleRank: 7

“Want to know all about the coolest, craziest, cutting-edge technology, right when it happens?”

25) Blog: Gizmodiva

Tagline: Technology and gadgets for true geeks



Alexa: 122997 Technorati: 8,334 GoogleRank: 5

The greens and blues of technology world, gadgets and more

My warm regards to concerned editors, founders and contributory bloggers for giving me the opportunity to handpick their blog here. Any questions, queries can be put asked at [email protected]

And dear readers do pen down your daily-reads as next we plan to feature Best of Gadget blogs.