Betseyville Call Me Purse Is A Cute Must-Have

Some of you might find it a bit over the top, loud or even weird. But we think the Betseyville Call Me Purse is as cute as a button. Please do not get mislead by the name, this item is not a laptop bag that let’s you make phone calls on the move or a retro hands free way to answer your cell phone.

This Call Me Purse is just a regular handbag with a lot of razzmatazz. Made in a black vinyl base with Fuchsia pink forming leopard spots with black, the purse comes equipped with a toy phone (alas! only if it were an actual working phone).

By the way, if you did not notice till now (which is a scarce possibility); the bag has a very fancy rotary dial made from gold and pink hardware. Definitely a bold piece of accessory but you can carry this one to make many a head turn for both good and bad reasons. Just be careful when your cell phone rings, don’t accidentally pick up he one on your bag. The Betseyville Call Me Purse comes for a price of $68.

Via chipchick