Big changes on Condé Nast Publications

Condé Nast Publications is the name of a major international editions of magazines based in New York City, with subsidiaries in places as far away as Sydney and Paris, among others.

Founded in 1909 by Condé Montrose Nast, with the publication of his first magazine, Vogue, dedicated to fashion, the company came up with the marketing strategy, now universalized, launching publications devoted to specific subjects such as fashion, cooking, decorating, architecture and golf.

It now has a total circulation of about 13 million copies to several months, with a readership of more than five times that number to 17 journal titles.

This clustering of magazines, full of divisions and subdivisions, decided it was time to break some “barriers” to adapt to new technological reality in which there are multiple digital platforms for content distribution.

From now on, each publisher will be responsible for selling advertising both the printed versions, as the digital versions. This may not seem a big change, but the fact is that this will give more power to publishers and can greatly increase the revenue of the magazines, for advertising campaigns can be integrated across all platforms for content distribution.

Although it is still early to say whether this change will work, the idea seems promising. Only time will tell if this will work or not.

Via: Styleite.