BioLite Stoves to Provide Clean and Green Cooking Fuel

BioLite Danish-based, non-profit organization, aims at improving the lives of people throughout the world. Biolite has developed and manufactured the energy products such as BioLite HomeStove, and the BioLite CampStove with the concept “Design to Improve Life”. The BioLite CampStove is designed for emergency preparedness and outdoor adventure. The cooking on Biolite with wood is safe and clean as modern petroleum fuel while it provides electricity to charge electronic gadgets such as LED lights, cell phones and others. Three billion people across the world use open smoky fires for cooking. The Biolite home stove performs like LPG gas.

For 2012 camping season, have fun and warmth sitting around campfire and watch the flickering flame  as well as you could recharge you gadgets, lights and phones while you cook dinner. If power goes due to storm it will be handy. It protects climate as well as health. Smoke from wood fire is a health threat to mankind. It quickens global warming. Wood collection results in deforestation with increased CO2 in atmosphere. By using BioLite we could lessen toxic gases and smoke formation that dangerously pollute indoor and outdoor of homes. The BioLite stoves reduce more than ninety percent of emission of smoke while you use only half the wood of an open fire.

The design of stoves with fans which blow air into the fire improves combustion dramatically. But very small amount of electricity is needed to power the fans. Excess electricity can be used by users for charging electronic devices like GPS, LED lights and mobile phones BioLite stoves convert very little thermal energy of fire into electricity for improved combustion. BioLite CampStove is priced at Price: $129.