Bit Rebels Floats the Concept of Stiletto Heel Implants

The concept of a stiletto heel implants is being floated around with an unusual image by Bit Rebels. The concept is not just crazy but dangerous because people who consider themselves to be a rebel might actually want to try it out and you never know, if the demand is strong enough someone might actually come up and offer the service. The photograph being circulated with the concept is really catchy. It grabs your attention immediately as it radically changes the appearance of your feet into something unearthly.

The trend of piercing your body must have looked as unearthly when it first came up as a concept. It offers a distorted version of being original. It gets you attention at least but it would rarely be in the form of admiration. But now a days you see so many odd and weird pierced people that even stiletto heel implant also looks feasible. It might become a reality at a future date and maybe as common as body piercing. There could be many who could adopt it as a style statement.

To stand out and be different is perhaps a human instinct. It is amazing how far people are willing to go in order to stand out amongst peers. It might not make sense to me or you but the desire to be different makes the new concept weirder than the previous one. Frankly speaking, it is not safe to allow such concepts a free run. Crazy ideas attract a lot of publicity and become popular within no time. If the concept is not nipped in the bud you might soon start seeing ads offering exclusive services for stiletto heel implants.