Blippy fails big time

We live in the Information Age, with social networks that encourage their users to be exposed, and services increasingly intrusive able to leave until Big Brother scared. Personal preferences to the places that people frequent, one of the most daunting of recent times is the Blippy.

We talked this groundbreaking network at the time of its launch. This is a site where people share their spending with credit card, a celebration of consumerism. If the idea itself sounds crazy now, the biggest fear of the members of Blippy became reality this week: data exposed.

Trey Copeland discovered that by using the syntax site: + “from card” on Google, the search engine returned the transactions registered in Blippy. That in itself would be cause for concern, but the thing is worse. Besides the shopping, the site (with complete address) number and complete credit card appeared in the results!

The Blippy failed, no doubt. But seeing the problem from another standpoint, the affected user himself is not to blame too? Credit card is not like birthday, that can be shared without major damage to social networks is an important and sensitive, and must be protected as much as possible. Insert it into a site that shows their purchases to friends is to run a (large) and voluntary risk unnecessarily.

Via: Mobile Marketing Watch.