Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion: The weirdest Energy Drink

It’s a known fact that everybody needs blood for survival regardless of whether you are thin, fat, healthy or unhealthy. How about drinking a packet of blood to stay healthy? Unless you are a vampire yourself you wouldn’t like to do this. But what if the blood tastes really good and keeps you healthy? You might now want to try it once.


Some unconventional scientists have come up with the weirdest energy drink ever produced in the world. It’s called “Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion.”This weird energy drink comes in the color of blood (deep red) and consistency of real blood as well. Surprisingly, it contains many similar nutrients of rubicund liquid like iron, protein, electrolytes, caffeine, and has a delectable fruit flavor.

The best part if it comes in resealable, transfusion-style pouches, which makes it look even weirder. Once you start sipping the blood from the pouch, you surely will look like a human vampire. This is one cool energy drink, which is really freaky. However, I am quite not sure if I will be able to really drink it myself but I would like to give it a shot though. How about you?

Via: ThinkGeek