Bluetooth Enabled Hi-Call Gloves Allow You to Talk Through Your Hand

All major companies are exploring the possibilities and experimenting with wearable devices. The latest concept in that direction to hit the market is the Hi-Call Glove. It is a glove with a Bluetooth enabled device that lets you talk on your phone without taking the gloves off. When you are talking through this glove it appears that you are making the universal sign for ‘call me’. The Hi-Call glove has a microphone in the pinkie and a speaker in the thumb. When you want to talk on the phone you simply have to raise your hand to your head, put your thumb in your ear and your pinkie next to your mouth.

The Hi-Call Gloves Designed by Alain Morelli

There is no high technology involved but the simple everyday technology has been used innovatively. It is part of the growing trend of integrating technology into our clothing. The innovative product has been developed by Alain Morelli but it is not clear as to how successful the concept will

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be. First of all it is a seasonal product and you don’t wear the gloves all the time. But it definitely has a curiosity value and it will attract attention when your glove starts ringing. Since it connects with the mobile phone through Bluetooth technology it works with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. The left glove has the microphone and the speaker as you may be holding your phone in your right hand. Bluetooth Enabled Hi-Call Gloves

The Hi-Call Gloves Are Available Online for €49.99

The gloves are made of 95% polyacrylonitrile, 3% cotton and 2% polyester and are available in black and grey colors. The gloves are available in both mens and womens sizes. The gloves come with a manual and micro USB to USB charging cable and the fully charged battery in the glove should last up to ten hours. the charge status of hi-Call battery is displayed on the screen of the connected device. The gloves would make an interesting gift for ski enthusiasts as it keeps you warm and allows you to not only talk but control the touch screen of your smartphone because of its capacitive technology. The gloves are available online and the prices start at €49.99. The designer has applied for patent which is pending so if you want a talking glove you might as well place the order for Hi-Call. Via: hi-fun