Bowlingual Voice Can Help You Talk To Your Dog!

Who hasn’t heard it, dog is man’s best friend, and we believe it sincerely (except for the cat-lovers out there who try to ruin this age-old myth). But does it really work the other way? Is Man dog’s best friend? Obviously, not! Every time your doggy gives you that sad expression, you know what he’s thinking, “Heck, you just don’t get me”.

The sad reality is that a number of people visit their vets every week witht he complaint that they don’t know what’s going on with their dogs. Your furry friends bark like crazy and you know they want to tell you something but you’re just not getting their lingo. So, when you need help translating the bow wow, who d’you call? The Bowlingual Voice, of course! Developed by Takara Tomy, a Japanese toy company, this little gadget is supposed to translate your dog’s feelings into words you can understand (while making your dog look like something out of a sci-fi movie). The gadget can tell you if your dog is sad, joyful, alert to danger, needy, happy or frustrated.

The £129 gadget can be placed on the dog’s collar and includes a receiver which would translate the dogs’ barks. The translated bark is displayed on the receiver which also plays in audio phrases like ‘I feel sad’ or ‘Leave me alone’ (no phrases about desiring a juicy steak?) the toy will hit the Japanese market on August 27th. Sadly, only a Jap version is available so if you don’t speak Jap then your dog can go back to whining about Lassie’s owner understanding him.

Via: DailyMail


  1. Lewis

    Wow. If this gadget could also be for other animals; Tiger, Elephant, Dolphin, Birds, etc. It would be so much fun visiting the animals in the Zoo, Safari or in the wild. It would definitely bring human and animals closer as one. Kind of like a GOD given gift to stupid human being for better living with all creatures on Earth. And most of us would start vegetarian too because imagine when slaughtering (cow, pig, chickens, fish) and it starts begging for mercy: “..please please don’t kill us, we still have our family to look after..”.
    Now try eating them.

  2. Josh E

    This could be epic and a new wave of technology for animal lovers, pet trainers and vets.
    Maybe i’m rambling, but this technology is pretty sweet.

    Yeah, i have dogs and love them

  3. tailman

    old news, been hearing this for about 5 years now….

  4. Tacy

    That’s a great instrument.

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