Britain Becomes World’s No.1 Wind Power Producer to Power 300,000 Homes

UK is in the news for ousting Denmark from it’s position of the world’s biggest producer of offshore wind power succeeded by the set up of its new offshore wind power plant at Lincolnshire, along the coastlines of Skegness and it now has enough offshore wind farms to provide power to 300,000 homes.

This good news was publicized by the minister of Department of Energy and Climate Change, Mike O’Brien who also stated that Britain already has 5 other such wind farms under construction and soon would put in an addition of 938MW to the existing 590MW. Very soon UK will be able to provide power to all of its abodes through wind power.

Though Britain has managed to get to the pinnacle of the global league table, it still takes a bottom seat in utilizing all its available natural resources to the fullest. On the other hand, this great achievement will stimulate the country for across-the-board investments into making use of other green resources.

Source: CleanTechnica