British Designers Create World’s Smallest Chandelier Fitted in a Light Bulb


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is beautiful seems to have been replaced by the bigger the better or simply the most expensive. But normally you don’t get a combination of the world’s smallest and the most expensive at the same time. A British company seems to have done just that by launching what is believed to be the world’s smallest chandelier. In fact it is so small that it is installed inside a light bulb. It has been appropriately named after Thomas Edison. The King Edison pendant lamp is priced at £480 which makes it the world’s most expensive household light bulb. The smallest chandelier in the most expensive light bulb is perhaps the most unique combination a contrast to chandeliers on which dancers can perform. Smallest Chandelier in King Edison Lamps

Each Tiny Candle Made From LED Gives Off Its Own Glow

The bulb is made from hand blown glass and comes with a shade and satin chrome fittings. The miniature brass chandelier inside the bulb is only three inches wide and two inches tall. The candles in the chandelier are really cute and only quarter inch tall. The King Edision Lamp can be bought individually but for full impact of the unique lamp it is advised to install in a cluster. At least two or three lamps installed together can provide romantic lighting. However, for routine activities like reading or cooking you might need additional light sources. Each miniature chandelier has 12 tiny candles which are set in two tires. The candles are made from minute LEDs and give off their own glow. Now You can Notice How Small the Chandelier is

The Lamp Runs on 12 V Power and Hangs From a Braided Cable

The bulb in which the chandelier is fitted is made of hand blown glass and measures eight by six inches. The lamp that runs on 12V power dangles from a 7ft braided cable. The designers behind the smallest chandelier are Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia. They are confident that those who love design will go for this uniquely designed lamp. The design has an element of genius as the tiny chandelier is perfect in every detail. It is the world’s smallest chandelier but takes almost 50,000 man hours to produce. The designers are happy with the response the King Edison Lamp is getting. Most people don’t notice the chandelier straight away but when they do they get excited about the design.