Burberry Collaborates With Google to Launch Advertising Initiative Burberry Kisses

The British luxury brand Burberry has launched a very interesting experimental advertising initiative. The digital platform is part of their Art, Copy & Code program and is called Burberry Kisses. The concept is simple but effective. You only need a touch screen smartphone and you can create a kiss by touching the screen with your lips. The digital platform can be used through your computer and we cam also. You may capture your lips through the cam and generate a print on the back of a virtual envelope which holds a card that can be filled up with a romantic message. In addition the application provides a menu of lip prints which can be reproduced in any of the Burberry lip colors.

The Recipient Can Receive the Kiss and Create New Kiss in Response

Once you send the envelope, you can track the movement of the envelope through a 3-D virtual world while ‘Evergreen Love’ by acoustic musician plays in the background. The recipient can access the message and reply by creating a new kiss or share the kiss across social networks. Aman Govil who is heading the Art, Copy & Code project at Burberry is very happy the way the new initiative has evolved. He feels that it helps to deliver visually the emotion people feel while interacting with Burberry. The new application has been hosted on an independent dedicated server. However, it is linked to the Burberry website.

Burberry Kisses Travelling Across Globe

It Also Acts as a Tool to Check User Engagement Across Locations

The concept is very exciting for the young users and is visually engrossing. A world map appears on the screen as soon as you send the message on the platform. You can watch you kiss travel like a shooting star to the recipient. It will also work as a tool for witnessing and comparing user engagement across locations. Burberry has been the most active, amongst the luxury brands, is the most active in the digital field. And it has paid rich dividends for the brand as they have been able to sustain a steady growth in sales and revenue. The Burberry Kiss application has evolved very well. It is not just groundbreaking but is designed to provide an engaging and emotional experience to the user. Google is helping the brands to enhance their advertising effort. It is a win-win situation as it helps Google to significantly increase it revenue.

Via: fastcompany