Business Migration to Singapore

Singapore has one of the most conducive business climates in the world. If you wish to migrate to Singapore and set up your own business on the city-state, you will find that the country makes it easy, encouraging, and favorable for people like you. The country is strategically located on the cusp between the developed West and the potentially developing East. It has also been a convenient bridge for trade and commerce between the two hemispheres through its comprehensive transportation, communication, and IT networks.

The country boasts of a business structure complete with Free Trade Agreements, Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements, and Investment Guarantee Agreements to further underscore the country’s role as a highly beneficial trade zone. A proponent of globalization, Singapore augments its position with a well-respected government, and transparent and consistent policies. All these make the country a cosmopolitan center of world trade.

Singapore’s living standards are one of the highest in Asia. Fortune Magazine has rated it as the second best city in the world in terms of quality living. It is also a place of comfortable expendable incomes, ranking 30th in the hierarchy of international economies as based on the World Bank’s 2006 Key Indicators.

The country has a Gross National Income (GNI) per capita of 29,320 US dollars. The Asian Development Bank names Singapore as one of the top three Asian economies with the highest AFCE Indices, with Hong Kong and Taipei as the other two. Actual Final Consumption Expenditure (AFCE), or the sum of individual consumption expenditures both by households and by government (principally education and health), is the best available measure of household living standards. Singapore has a Per Capita Real AFCE of S$18,020.


Via EnterpriseOne

Singapore business district