Now a Chinese Version of Pinterest

The Chinese are back and with a bang. After making a name for themselves in the world of gadgets and gizmos they have now turned their attention to the webworld. The Chinese have now launched their own version of the popular social networking website Pinterest. Known as Buykee, it is a class apart from all the Pinterest style websites that we have seen so far.

Founded by Ben Silberman of West Des Moines of Iowa, Pinterest is actually one of the “fastest growing social services in the world.” It is a website that allows its many users to post just about anything and everything from images, events, theme based interests to hobbies. The aim of the website and its makers is to connect people from around the world through the things that they find interesting and which have been posted on a pin board style photo sharing website. The work on the website, which is similar to the image bookmarking system that we have already seen, was started in December 2009. The website for many years was operated from outside a small apartment by Silberman and his friends until it made headlines after the Time magazine listed Pinterest as being amongst the world’s 50 best websites.

It was not long ago that Sahil Lavingia launched another version of Pinterest. Named the Gumroad it is a website that enables you to make quite a fortune by adding your products for sale. Anything from music to videos to fashion accessories can be put up for sale and you can save yourself the hassle of logging and registering on a e-commerce site. Without charging you a penny the website offers you great returns. All that you have to do is to open a Paypal account and get your payments at the end of every month. Gumroad’s generated a lot of interest in the webworld and let’s see if the Chinese version of Pinterest and Gumroad can garner as much attention.

Buykee – the Chinese Pinterest

It’s rather amusing to know that Buykee’s not the first Pinterest inspired website. A plethora of copycat websites inspired from Pinterest and Gumroad have invaded the web. It’s not surprising either for China having the largest number of online shoppers in the world. They have even surpassed the Americans and the British in this race.

Buykee enables its users to showcase luxury items and add items they like to their pin boards. At the same time they can also purchase items there from e-commerce stores if they are particularly fond of some of these pinned up products. It may be a clone of Pinterest and Gumroad but Buykee does have some interesting and unique features which takes it a step further from the websites that have inspired it. While being a website that connects people around the world the makers have also integrated some features of an e-commerce shopping website.

So, do have a look at this Chinese replica of Pinterest. Don’t let the Simplified Han Chinese script on the website bother you for it can be translated in English.