CAF Italy: Connecting Abused Children to the Joys of Childhood

Most people cherish good memories of childhood and it is best phase in one’s life when mind is full of wonder. But realities are different for some troubled families where the children are ill treated and abused. Childhood is simply denied to these children and they grow up as individuals with deep scars. CAF onlus is a NGO which was founded in Italy way back in 1979 for the children who face ill-treatment and abuse and it works to restore the childhood and all little joys of it for these children. Their print-ad on the eve of 30th anniversary of the organization is extremely poignant and probably depicts the difficult job they do by simply persisting.

The print advertisement shows a girl with a balloon made of stone. The frozen expression on the little girl’s face and the stone balloon depict the burden and pain these abused children carry. An organisation like CAF simply lightens their burdens and brings back the simple. They heal them and make them connect to the joys and wonders of the childhood thus lightening the weight of that balloon to make it soar.

The campaign by Grey Milan is very thoughtful and creates awareness about grim reality of child abuse and how CAF works positively with children.

Via Inspiration Room Daily

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