Caravan of the Future by Knaus Tabbert GmbH is Designed Like a Yacht

Caravaning as a form of holidaying is surely on the decline as is evident from the registration figures in the developed countries. The industry must come up with new concepts if they want to reverse the trend. Knaus Tabbert GmbH, a leading manufacturer from the industry has developed a concept which they are calling the “Caravisio – The Caravan of the Future” project. The prototype developed basically focuses on what is technologically possible and what all amenities can be provided in a caravan. It might not be possible to take up Caravisio immediately for commercial production but it is sure to inspire other designers and manufacturers to come up with improved designs with enhanced features that would attract new customers to caravanning.

The Interior Layout of the Caravan is Inspired by Yachts

The Caravisio concept was unveiled on August 30 at the world’s biggest caravaning trade fair in Düsseldorf, the Caravan Salon. The exterior of Caravisio seems inspired by Star Trek shuttle but the interior is inspired by the layout of yachts. The single beds in front are placed in a V shape for improved dynamics. There is an option of mattress extension to convert it into a double bed. The sleeping room boasts of large panorama windows. Next to the front cockpit is a full size genuine bathroom equipped with an intelligent water control system. The living room is in the rear which opens to form a veranda. It is designed more like a salon of a yacht.

Caravisio, the Caravan of the Future

The Development of the Caravan of Future Took Two Years

The other features and amenities of Caravisio include a kitchenette, a retractable rear deck and modular furniture. The interior layout is more like a studio apartment than a motor home. The designers have mounted a projector on the ceiling that projects its image onto the glass sliding door in the rear. The other high tech feature is the fingerprint scanner that is used to unlock the doors. The caravan of the future and its futuristic systems can be controlled through smartphone apps. The Caravisio project has been a team work which saw the coming together of experts from the industry, designers and suppliers. It was a lot of innovative or plain hard work as the journey from the first sketch to the completely designed and assembled caravan took almost two full years.

Via: dvice