Catrike: Pedal-Powered Trike to usher you forward in the Dusty Outback

When we first took a look at trikes, we just thought that they were little aberrations that would just pass away into oblivion with time. Then came the really cool trike models with mean looking machines and plenty of oomph. That is pretty much where we became a fan of the Trikes. Before that, the whole philosophy was, “What is the point in men riding a tricycle?” Trikes have come a long way since then and the Catrike is a nice little, planet-friendly variation that is powered with pedals!

Normally trikes are powered by some sort of electric engine and that is taken for granted. Pedal-powered trikes really seem to be more of an option to people who just cannot really carry a bike through a certain terrain or sit on it in the required posture for long enough. Catrike though claims to be the lightest and the best in terms of converting all the pedaling into pure mechanical work. The design enables you to convert maximum spent energy into circular motion and hence avoids wastage.

The important aspect of Catrike seems to be its very light weight, which makes it easy to take around. Aluminum is an excellent material for trike manufacture, being both light and strong and it obviously can make a super durable frame that is light AND stiff enough to transfer all the pedaling forces straight to the drive wheel, yet still giving a compliant, rider friendly ride. This sure looks like a pretty decent option at a price of $3000.

Via: Flyingfurniture