Catterbox: Cat Collar Allows Cat Speak in Human Voice, Courtesy Temptations

Are you the type that talks to your cat? Or dreaming of taking to your pet? Since time immemorial, humans have wanted to understand cat’s aloofness. These animals have always fascinated a lot of people. But, not anymore because there is a collar that lets feline speak in a human voice. Temptations Cat Treats has invented a collar that could help you understand what your cat is trying to tell you.

The Catterbox is a cat collar outfitted with speaker, microphone, Wifi and Bluetooth technology. The collar created by Temptations Lab is designed to capture cat’s meows. The device translates the cat’s meows into words that human may understand. Whether the words are what the cats trying to say or not, is still in question.


Temptations Lab created the Catterbox to make fun times with cat even more unforgettable. The cat collar is 3-D printed and coated in rubber lacquer for comfort. This innovative collar connects with a smartphone app. And the app allows the cat owners to choose the cat’s human voice from a range of option. It also comes in four colors to match the cat’s personality and suit your taste. The prototype has already been launched in New Zealand and U.S, three days ago.

Cats are a fascinating creature, so Temptation made it their mission to get to know these feline even better. Using the latest technology the company studied the cats to know them better. The company believes that people will love their cats even more when they can understand them. By the way, Temptation is a pet food company, known for its best treatment of cats. With the talking cat collar, they are taking their love for the animal to a new level.


Catterbox is designed by London Ad agency Adam&EveDDB. The popular pet food brand collaborated with the ad agency for the Catterbox project. The collar developed to bring pet and owner closer than ever. So, if you want to inject more fun in your playtime with your favorite pet, check out this amazing collar.

Via AdWeek