Central St. Giles, London Restaurant Dedicates Night of February 14 to the Single Population

All the hotels, resorts, restaurants and spa around the world are busy designing and launching packages for February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Their focus is on couples and how to provide a romantic, luxurious and memorable experience for them. But it is only the Central St. Giles restaurant in London that seems to care about the single population and is doing its bit to try and find them love on Valentine’s Day.

For the night of February 14 Central St. Giles will be dedicated to all of the single people in London, without a couple in sight. In fact couples will not be allowed in the restaurant for that night, at least not as a couple. Zizzi has teamed up with new online dating and social networking site, Tastebuds, which aim to match people based on their musical tastes. The evening festivities will include live music, free canapés, wine tasting and above all the chance to meet new people and hopefully find love.

Zizzi Marketing Director, Liz Norris while elaborating on the plans for the evening said that London has the highest single population in the UK and they are trying to create a memorable evening for them on the Valentine’s Day at one of their largest restaurants in London, so that they don’t feel left out.

Via: eatoutmagazine