CES 2009: Combine iPod and TV, Get TeleDock!

JVC is a great a company and are known for their cool products, which aren’t as famous as the bigwigs’ products, but are surely worth every dollar in their own right. The company unveiled the TeleDock, which combines the two most important devices at the turn of this century, the iPod and the TV.

The TeleDock comes with a 32″ screen, and ranges until 46 inches. All the models come with docks to fix your iPod and one can watch videos, listen to music and have a great time.

The iPod can be controlled via a remote control and the TeleDock also can be used as an iPod charger, for when connected to TV, the iPod gets charged. The TV models aren’t bad either, with each one having great features like 1080p HD, 3 HDMI ports and many more. The TeleDocks will be made available from April.

Via: ChipStick