CES 2009: Trispecs Sunglasses Negate the Need for Headphones

If you wanted to combine fashion with technology, you must consider the Trispecs Sunglasses, which look almost like designer sunglasses. However, the sunglasses also double up as wireless stereo headphones and also as a Bluetooth headset. Now that is what I call innovation. The product was featured at the CES 2009, and the product stood out among the hundreds of products unveiled there.

The sunglasses come with noise eliminating technology and dual microphones and speakers. The sunglasses come for both men and women and in many colours and styles. It also supports voice dialing and prompting and hence encourages hands free usage.

The sunglasses also feature voice communication, which is only short of being a full fledged iPhone or some other snazzy communication device like that. The price is not known yet. Looks like one fine day we won’t require any gadgets we can just go ahead and use clothes and accessories for even telepathy.

Via: ChipChick/DigitalForums

  1. Lou

    okay someone tell me where i can buy!?!

    This is exactly what I want for father’s day!

    I’d pop in prescription lenses (read they can hold almost any type of prescription -smart thinking TRISPECS)

  2. Lou

    fyi read that price is $200 – $220

  3. Alex

    for once something that works great and looks even better!

    fashion and technology not easy to combine


  4. jules

    Check out the youtube video from CBS on this they do a demo which left me wanting my own pair – Huge speakers playing rap the person is talking, wearing the Trispecs, and the cell phone receiving the call doesnt hear a drop of the music its really impressive. (almost not to be believed but the commetns there are right, its CBS on national TV so…) neway they say it’ll cost between $220 – $200.

    The company is gearing up for huge sales…I will be first online to buy!

    Awesome new toy.


    I read somewhere (a blog – i will try to find the site) that the company is opening an invite only store on their website for “early adopters” + press etc… there is a code that you email to them and they send you a link to the store… If someone know’s that code or the name of the blog which it was on please post it….

    Thnx in advance

  5. Lor235a

    They are coming out in 2 weeks!!!!CAN’T WAIT!!!!!http://www.TriSpecs.com

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